Psychological Intervention

The aim of any dental patient education program should not only be just limited to the dissemination of information, rather, development of positive dental health attitudes, perceptions and behaviors should be central to any dental health education program. Advancement in Cognitive, Social, and Health psychology has not only provided novel research methodologies of analysis  to gain a better insight into the patient’s psychology but  have also armored healthcare programmers with most innovate and effective techniques of influencing patients and bring about an attitudinal change towards their oral health by thwarting the irrationalities that exists in patient’s mind and by forming positive interconnections between perceptions, memory, language, imagery, and emotions at the conscious and subconscious level in order to promote the benefits of timely dental health treatments.

Grow My Practice: A Novel and a Unique approach to dental patient education.

There’s no question our brains are instinctively activated by certain types of stimulation. In the Indian scenario, the challenge of any dental patient education is to harness and channelize the right types of stimulation to create more effective dental patient education content. All of the traditional approaches of patient education such as brochures, posters, pamphlets or even 3-d animations will not yield adequate results unless doctors are able to change the very mindset by changing the existing “cognitive biases” that prevent people from having a caring an attitude towards their oral health. Removal of bias is perhaps the most important form of persuasion.

For the first time in dentistry, a dental patient education program has been exclusively designed for Indian population by a team of leading dental surgeons with the help of renowned psychologists of India and eloquently presented by Media professionals.

This program has adopted a unique approach by incorporating various principles of cognitive debiasing techniques, Behavioral,and decision-making psychology. It successfully employs various techniques such as Neuromarketing, priming, use of high impact metaphors, imagery, visual influencing, words and language manipulations.


Fear Appeal

Most of the individuals in this world have immense love, care, and affection for near and dear ones. Especially their love towards their children and parents is unfathomable and immense. Grow my Practice successfully exploits this aspect of the human relationship.


Fear factor becomes a powerful motivator, if it is used deftly, along with emotions and persuasion re-biasing techniques such as ‘Regret’, ‘Vivid depictions’, ‘Guilt’, ‘Framing,’ ‘Refocusing’, to depict the consequences of non-treatment or to explain the benefits of timely dental healthcare treatments,especially when it involves the health of one’s family members. Every individual will try their best to insulate themselves and their family members from any kind of threat that may evolve through any health issues. Grow my practice is typically designed by psychologists to elicit a fear response by inducing anxiety and creating insecurity about the health of target audience and their family members, by effectively establishing the link between the oral health and overall health. For instance ,the content is designed to trigger a strong emotion by successfully raises anxiety ,and creates insecurity in the minds of target audience as to why and how geriatric dental problems  might severely compromise their parents overall health or as to how their children’s physical, social, and psychological development will be impaired if their children’s oral health issues go unnoticed or left untreated. The results are phenomenal, as the majority of the patients who are being educated in the waiting area are feeling a sense of urgency and proactively seeking dental health consultations for their children and for their elders in their subsequent visits, thereby increasing paedo, ortho, geriatric restorative cases by leaps and bounds.

Today, there may be many patients who would definitely seek dental health care consultation for their near and dear ones. Just give it a chance and you will be seeing the results right from the day one.