Internal Marketing

The Business of dentistry is to market your services to the maximum number of patients possible. In the era of cut-throat competition, Marketing is quintessential for the “survival” of certain dental practice. Practices are embarking and investing a lot on expensive advertising and external marketing campaigns (web-based network apps, newspaper adverts, pamphlet distribution, email marketing and so on and so forth) while paying a little attention to the internal marketing.

On average, patients spend 10-15 min in the reception area. These patients are a gift to your practice and can provide you with many additional treatment opportunities apart from their chief complain, bring in their family members for consultation, and can help in securing referrals by recommending friends, and neighbors through word-of-mouth referrals.

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Patient Waiting Time -An opportunity not to be missed!

Clinical skills, dedication,  Patient education, and effective communication are the four most important pillars for establishing a flourishing dental practice.

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