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Clinical skills, dedication, and patient education are the most important pillars for establishing any successful dental practice. Every single patient waiting in your reception area can provide you with many more treatment opportunities. It just depends upon how successfully you create a psychological impact on them while explaining the benefits of timely dental health treatment or the consequences of non-treatment. Grow My practice is the only dental health promotion program conceived, designed and developed by an exemplary team of leading Behavioral Psychologists, Senior Dentists, Marketing Experts, and Media Professionals.

The society has a collective consciousness. The beliefs, practices, and attitudes can be studied in the same way as can be an individual mind with appropriate methods.
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The aim of any dental patient education program should not only be just limited to the dissemination of information, rather, development of positive dental health attitudes,
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The effectiveness of Grow My Practice is being widely acknowledged by the members of the dental fraternity and is currently being used by more than 3000 dental clinics across India.
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Provides treatment justification and the consequences of the non-treatment in the most unique way, thereby making it easy to convince them

Changes the attitude of Indian Population towards the dental care health

Persuade the patients in the waiting area to seek dental health consultation for their family members especially for their children and parents.

Increases your Pedo,ortho and geriatric dental health cases by leaps and bounds right from the day one.

Subtly forms brand image in the mind of your patients which further builds trust and loyalty and they return to your services for future dental treatments

This program has adopted a unique approach by incorporating various principles of cognitive debiasing techniques, Behavioral,and decision-making psychology. It successfully employs various techniques such as Neuromarketing, priming, use of high impact metaphors, imagery, visual influencing, words and language manipulations to increase dental health acumen of dental patients thereby creating demands for the treatments which leads to increase in revenue in a short span of time.

Decreases perceived waiting time in the reception area and increases the productivity by making full use of the patient’s waiting time to effectively market benefits of timely dental health treatments.

About Us

About Us
For the first time, Grow My Practice has adopted a novel strategy by applying the principles of behavioral and decision-making psychology to alter the dental health beliefs of thousands of patients every day and motivating them to seek timely dental health treatments for themselves and their family.