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Provides treatment justification and the consequences of the non-treatment in the most unique way, thereby making it easy to convince them

Changes the attitude of Indian Population towards the dental care health

Persuade the patients in the waiting area to seek dental health consultation for their family members especially for their children and parents.

Increases your Pedo,ortho and geriatric dental health cases by leaps and bounds right from the day one.

Subtly forms brand image in the mind of your patients which further builds trust and loyalty and they return to your services for future dental treatments

This program has adopted a unique approach by incorporating various principles of cognitive debiasing techniques, Behavioral,and decision-making psychology. It successfully employs various techniques such as Neuromarketing, priming, use of high impact metaphors, imagery, visual influencing, words and language manipulations to increase dental health acumen of dental patients thereby creating demands for the treatments which leads to increase in revenue in a short span of time.

Decreases perceived waiting time in the reception area and increases the productivity by making full use of the patient’s waiting time to effectively market benefits of timely dental health treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

A download link will be emailed to the customers on customer’s registered email Id within 10-15 working days from the date of receipt of the order. Customers will also be informed via email,/SMS,/ or a voice call about the delivery of the product.
In order to protect our product from getting pirated, the product is first encrypted and a serial key is generated which is unique to a every product. This process consumes considerable amount of time. In addition, we are facing a high volume of orders that has considerably stressed our resources and increased the delivery time.
You must have access to internet to activate the product. Thereafter, one can run the program without an internet connection. In some cases a pre-activated product can be delivered upon request.
This software/program is available in video-audio format and can be run/played in the most common operating system (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux) and does not require any additional application or software. It can also be played on Smart Tv or any other TV that supports USB/pen drive.
It is pertinent to mention here that this program is available in 1:1 ratio format. To put it in simple words, if the customer downloads the program on a particular system, and activates it ,then the protected content will automatically get locked to the hard disk of that particular computer/system and can be played on that system only. However, If the customer wishes to play the program in multiple clinics /multiple systems/TV then we strongly recommend you to download and activate the program on a external hard Disk /USB flash drive/dongle.

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